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BChukotai Excerpts

בחקתי Shabbat Shalom (27:29) ‘A condemned person cannot be redeemed. He shall be put to death’… Yes. According to the Rambam, somebody who doesn’t follow the rules the leaders set forth shall be put to death… I did not say anything about the Freimowitz family. Do they keep Shabbat? I will leave that to you… Did the rabbi, did I, not make a decision that we are only doing destination Bat Mitzvahs? Just checking… Should death be part of it? I did not say that... Yes. I condemned Bernie last week. Because he doesn't listen. He doesn't tithe... I have to explain now? In math... Maybe in calculus, they call it a tenth of... (27:30) ‘And all the tithes of the land that are from the seeds of the land and the trees are Gd’s’… They are not yours. Tithing belongs to Gd. Same with Tzedakah. Which is why it should go to the shul. If a person shall redeem some of their money… No. Money cannot sin. You sin. If your money goes to the shul… A raise would be the right thing. You

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